Thursday, July 16, 2015

End time preachers/Churches

People, people!!!! people!!!!! If your pastor or church requests or makes you do something bizarre, please DO NOT DO IT. Even the bible says that you should test all sprits.
Of late, I have been seeing various images of pastors asking members to drink petrol, snakes,grass, and piece of cloths?
Wow! What is this world turning into? Why are people especially Christians so desperate for miracles and healing. I have said this before, God has given us the ability to pray for ourselves. We are priests, the only difference is that the genuine ones are called by God and some seek hungry Christians to exploit. 
May God protect and give us the grace to discern spirits. Amen...

Just my thoughts........

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kidnapped school girls.

On April 15th 2014,  about 276 girls (according to media sources) were taken away from their hostels by Nigeria's own terrorist group Boko Haram. Weeks after the abduction of these girls, the Nigerian government did nothing. It took a couple of hashtags and social media involvement to get the word out to the rest of the world.
I mentioned on one of my Facebook status that if these girls were from Spain, or Mexico or a non African nation, trust me the news would have hit all the news stations in the world. But it took 2 weeks after the abduction for the rest of the world to join in the search of these girls.
Sad as it may look, when the missing Malaysian airline went missing, in less than 24 hours investigations began, and the search also began. There were around 200 passengers on that airline and around 200 black 15 to 18 year old girls. 
Unfortunately,  the Nigerian government lacks the skill to fight terrorism (lacks all other skills). This is a big one for the president Goodluck Jonathan.  I hope they get prepared for events like this in the future.  (I doubt)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What life has taught me so far.......

Been thinking about life in general and I have summed up the various life lessons I have learnt. 
1. Never cry over spilled milk,  when things happen to us that we don't expect,  yes the first initial reaction is to cry and wonder why it happened to us.  But for me,  I have accepted events as things that only happen for a reason,  and a life lesson for us. 
2. Be happy; life is too short to be unhappy and have an ugly frown on your face all the time be happy and enjoy the best of your  days on earth.
3. Not everyone would like you; ahhhh the biggest one.  I used to try so hard to make the world like me,  but I got tired doing that,  and it also weighed me down more than before.  So I had to stop pleasing people and just be me.  The world requires that u become someone else,  but I say be ur self always. 
4. Sometimes it is good to act like a kid again.  Go back to that memory of way back when u had no worries in the world (kids don't think about bills or all the stuffs grown ups think about) , they are free and happy. 
5.  This should have been the first on the list.  In all and in all God is always first.  If you include him to your plans all will be just alright. 

Project Overcomers

It has been a long while since I posted anything on my blog. Been quite busy with academics,  full time job with a full time life. But today, I decided to write something that came to me on Sunday evening. This past Sunday (Nov 3rd, 2013) after a long day from work and church, and being exhausted, I decided to go on Instagram, and I saw a picture of a beautiful Lady in a wheel chair. First I thought it was an ordinary chair, but I decided to look further; it was actually a wheel chair. Then I decided to do some further investigations. I clicked on her instagram handle and I saw all her pictures, and then I remembered years ago, I read her story of how she got into a car accident. While looking at her pictures, what went through my mind was "How did she do it?" That was all I was saying to myself. How did this young woman do it? Smiling, and she looking so gorgeous and happy. I also found out that she was able to finish her Nursing degree. I wanted to reach out to her to ask her my questions. Then something told me to start something, called "Project Overcome". At first I was skeptical and I said to myself no one  would take me serious. But after having a conversation with a friend, I decided to go ahead with it, because great things starts with something as LITTLE as an idea.
It is simple, the process of this project is for people who have been through various struggles and pain, and they have a reason to smile and they have gained the title "OVER COMERS". It is not a contest, but it is a way to encourage others out there who have been through the same issues as you, but didn't know how to handle it or even overcome it. The main reason why I think this project is important is for people to come out of their closets of fear of what people might think of them or what the world things. The main purpose is to help those who are currently facing a difficult time in their lives right now and need some form of encouragements to help them move on.
I am an over comer, and I am still over coming certain things in my life as I speak. But I can beat my chest and say that I have been through hell in my life and back. Some of the issues were hand made by me (Yes, sometimes we create our downfalls and problems), but some were some circumstances that we just found ourselves in that we couldn't control.
Not to bore any one reading this, if you know anyone or you call yourself an over-comer, you can send your emails to me at, and it will be published on my blog. I know so many people would prefer some privacy, I respect that. No names at all will be mentioned, but it is for you to help others and also encourage someone who may be experiencing what you have been through.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Making progress

So thanks to my lifestyle upgrade, I have lost some weight not much but some, I have reached my goal of dropping my blood sugar from the high100s to the low 100s. For the first time in a long time, my blood glucose level was 98 yesterday Fasting.... yayyyyyyy... and I maintained it to 106 tonight. Making good progress. I am going to fight this no matter what. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who says loosing weight was easy?

Haba... I don try ooo. I was so inactive yesterday. I didnt even workout at all. Plus I had ice cream (eyes closed). But I burnt it all today sha. So getting this body ready to be fit for life...

Monday, July 22, 2013


I was once a Nigerian teenager. I was once 13. Naive, flat chested and confused. I believed that if I was touched by a boy I would get pregnant. I was allowed to grow up and experience my teenage years. 
I was once 13. 
Looking forward to being 13. Because that is the beginning of your teenage years. 
The early stage of womanhood.
I prayed to get noticed by boys of my age. 
I was once 13 
I was once confused even after 13 
Can we let our children grow up and not become brides?
Can we have a government that speaks up for its citizens?
Give our Girls Pens not Penis. Education not Ejaculation. Protection not Penetration, Dictionaries not Dicks! She's a ‪#‎ChildNotBride‬ .Defend them not defile them! Give them Panadol not Postinor! Give them Ben 10 not round 10.....Help protect the girl child from pedophiles!!